Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday and Earth Day to Me!

Enough already with the nagging! Billie, the next time you come up to our neck of the woods I will thoroughly enjoy smacking you. Wink Wink!

So, as most of you know I had the ultimate pleasure (ugh) of turning 28 years old recently. I have never been so under-excited for a birthday in my life. I guess I should have listened to my Mom when she told me the older I get, birthdays become just a number. Oh well, I guess I should just accept it. One thing I would like to share that helped me through my traumatic birthday experience was the little soiree that was planned for me by my super husband. (That was a major run-on, sorry!) We went to OKC without the kids (woo...I know, crazy huh?) and he bought me a new car!!! I was so excited. When I was driving back to the hotel I felt like a 16 year old with a brand new license hot off the press. Apparently I was smiling the whole way there and I had no idea I was until my cell phone rang and Brent told me I looked like I just got my braces off. Those of you who have had the pleasure of having braces, when they come off your teeth feel all slimy and you can't stop smiling or looking at yourself. Bad analogy, I know....that's all I could come up with! We met some good friends for dinner at a hip little restaurant and proceeded to go back to the hotel to celebrate. We had so much fun. I guess turning 28 wasn't ALL that bad! Mason's 3rd birthday was on the 26th and I promise I will have lots of pictures to post and maybe a little video or two. If I can figure out how to do know could be awhile....:)

Friday, April 11, 2008

For the love of BLOG!

Hello to all. After much peer-pressure and coersing I have decided to become member of the Blog world. Yes, yes, I all have been just dying to hear about our KA-Razy family. Since I am a novice, bear with me please. As I sit here, listening to the sound of the opening song on "The Young and the Restless" I have to ask myself....what exactly is a blog? Who blogs? Do I blog? Am I now an official Blogger? Does conjuring up this story of my life on computer for everyone to read make it official? Well, after much thought I took the pleasure of wikipedia-ing the word blog, and here's what came up: Blog-(n.) and (v.)"to blog" meaning "to edit one's weblog or to post to one's weblog". Yes, folks! I have decided, I am indeed a blogger! Billie, I know you are so proud.

Well, this brings me to my first dilemma. Anyone who knows me, knows for a fact that I know zilch about uploading photos and such since I got a new camera for Christmas. Yeah, yeah, all of you technology gifted folks are probably scoffing at the idea of me spending all afternoon trying to upload quirky little pics of my family and myself . So, pics will be coming soon. :) I will, oh yes, I will figure it out. Until then, let me tell you a little about myself. Here goes.

My name is Alexis. I am married to Brent Combs, and we have two wonderful children, Mason (who's turning 3 on the 26th of this month) and Cameron who will be one year old in June. My family is my life and I am fortunate enough to get to stay at home with my children while my husband slaves away. Right now, things are pretty crazy because Cameron is trying to walk and Mason believes she should already know how. He pushes her and drags her all over the place. (Right now the photo I have of this very action would go great, right about here....hence see above section about uploading pictures.) I think it is a good thing that my kids are pretty tough. Cameron hangs right in there with Mason. If she wants to survive around here, it's a good thing she is thick skinned. Many bumps and bruises are in store for her I am sure. Courtesy of her brother of course! :)