Friday, March 13, 2009 Every way....

Hello people! Yes, I am still alive and my family and I are doing well. We apparently have a nasty little virus on our computer. It is supposed to take at least six weeks for the computer man here in Woodward to get to our computer problemo. Ewwww. That's all I have to say about that. My camera will not upload pictures or anything fun. So, this will probably be a fairly boring blog, hence no pictures. I swear, it is always something.
We have done a bunch since my last blog. Brent and I attended our good friend Shelby Weston's wedding in Cabo San Lucas last November. It was absolutley gorgeous and glamorous and all that Cabo entails. The bride (Kristi) and I even had a Speidi sighting while we were there. Those of you that keep up with all of that trashy hollywood gossip will know who I am talking about. Heidi and Spencer actually got married at our hotel the day after we arrived. And yes, she really is that skinny. And yes, he really is that dorky. Brent and Shelby were like ," who is Speidi?" all the while Kristi and I were squealing like little 12 year olds. I get so fired up about the most random stuff I swear!
Moving on. Cameron is almost as tall as her brother. She really is an Amazon woman. She is taller than most of the two year olds in her class. Mind you, she will be two in June. She talks non-stop all the time. And Brent and I have decided that our lives would be super boring and quiet without her around. We love you little Macaroni!
Mason is wonderful. He is such a joy. He is becoming such a smart little guy. I will have to say he is the only 3 year old I know that has mastered Playstation3 already. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not......but it has been really cold outside, so I guess I will allow it. He gets to start soccer this summer and I am beyond excited. I will officially be a soccer mom!
This one goes out to my Harrell and my Karn girls...congrats! Babies! I swear you make the cutest and biggest babies on the planet. I applaud you. Leia, the bows are adorable! Hence the first paragraph and my camera debaucle. No proof of Cameron's cuteness. I guess I will have to do it the old fashioned way and send you actual pictures. Billie..aren't you proud I blogged! I will see you on the 15th.
For now, farewell. Hope everyone is doing well and I have one last thing to ask my favorite twins:

Would you please help me judge cheerleading try-outs this year KANDACE & KRISTEN? Let me know. Love you guys! Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

It is so good to see you are doing well!! I will patiently wait for some pictures of the kiddos. And as for your question...when are they, the cheerleading try-outs?

Annie said...

Thanks for the shout out, you are super sweet, and we think Ruby and Brock are adorable as well. Hope to see more posts from you and of course pics of your adorable munchkins!